Expert Coronavirus Updates with Dr. Nick Mark | Session 27

During the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic, our next guest cared for some of the first patients in the United States that contracted COVID-19.

Dr. Nick Mark is an attending ICU physician at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington and is also the founder of OnePager ICU.

I recently spent time with Dr. Mark and asked him to share his harrowing personal and professional journey of being one of the first physicians in our nation to confront and battle this deadly virus.

Additionally, Dr. Mark and I discuss his new organization, OnePage ICU and the inspiring outcomes already happening for care teams worldwide due to him and his team’s mission with their work.

I look forward to having you a part of this powerful, moving, and inspiring conversation so we can rally around Dr. Mark and his mission as we work together to defeat COVID-19.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Mark shares his experience being in the epicenter of the first COVID outbreak
  • How OnePager ICU came to be
  • How to get involved with OnePager ICU
  • How Dr. Mark and his team are dealing with the challenges brought about by COVID-19

About Our Guest:

Dr. Nick Mark, MD is a pulmonary / critical care physician, medical educator, and medical technology consultant in Seattle, Washington. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Brown University and a Medical Degree from New York University School of Medicine.

Dr. Mark completed an internal medicine residency and then fellowships in pulmonary and critical care medicine at the University of Washington. He is an attending intensivist (ICU doctor) at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

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