Expert Coronavirus Updates with Josh Disbrow | Session 15

With the COVID-19 outbreak bringing the world to its knees, it’s encouraging to see executives and organizations quickly respond to the emergency that’s right in front of us.

This only speaks to who we are as a nation and the types of entrepreneurs that make this country so great.

In this episode, I’m joined byJosh Disbrow, Chief Executive Officer ofAytu Bioscience. He’ll help us gain a better understanding about antibodies and COVID-19. Josh shares his organization’s journey in receiving their emergency authorization use for their COVID-19 rapid antibody test and why Aytu BioScience is perfectly positioned to help fight the global pandemic.

We also receive a sneak peek into the company’s future innovation roadmap and why these new and forthcoming technologies have significant potential to save many lives impacted by this devastating disease.

If you want to stay updated about Aytu Bioscience and its COVID-19 efforts, as well as the innovative products they are creating to help battle the pandemic, then you should definitely listen to this episode!


  • How Aytu Bioscience is helping fight COVID-19
  • Why antibody testing is important during the pandemic
  • How antibodies help with creating a vaccine
  • Other technologies Aytu Bioscience is known for before the outbreak
  • The process of how antibody testing got into the marketplace
  • What emergency use authorization is and why it is important
  • How Aytu Bioscience created their COVID-19 antibody test
  • Future technology that Aytu Bioscience is creating


Josh Disbrow is the Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Aytu BioScience, Inc. (NASDAQ: AYTU). Founded in 2015, Aytu BioScience is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the global commercialization of novel prescription therapeutics and consumer healthcare products. Josh has been in the life sciences industry for over twenty three years across pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. Prior to co-founding Aytu, Josh served as the Chief Operating Officer of Colorado-based Ampio Pharmaceuticals (NYSE MKT: AMPE) and co-founded the Luoxis Diagnostics subsidiary.


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