Expert Coronavirus Updates with Peter Marx | Session 38

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It has become painfully evident that our nation desperately needs to quickly, affordably, and reliably test its citizens for the COVID-19 virus.

Because of brilliant entrepreneurs like our next guest, this need is being solved by his company’s first-of-its-kind at-home rapid COVID test. A test using a self-administered nasal swab and is proving to be 99% effective, even with asymptomatic patients.

Peter Marx, the Managing Partner of BiologyWorks, joins us during this episode to discuss his team’s use of seven patents developed by the Alfred Mann Foundation for Scientific Research, how his team is navigating the FDA’s emergency use authorization, and why Peter is so passionate about delivering this rapid and reliable at-home COVID test to the masses.

Join us for this timely, energizing, and hopeful message as we continue to work together to battle this pandemic.

Episode Highlights:

  • How BiologyWorks is using patent protected technology to test for COVID-19
  • Why BiologyWorks’ at-home rapid test is 99% accuracy
  • How Peter is navigating FDA emergency use authorization
  • Peter’s passion to use this technology to help people safely gather again

About our Guest:

Peter Marx is well-known in the technology world and is currently the founder of BiologyWorks where he has developed and is in the production process of a first of its kind at-home COVID test. Previously, Peter served as the CTO of the City of Los Angeles, VP of Business Development at Qualcomm Labs, Inc., VP of the Technology and Digital Studio at Mattel, Inc., CTO for Vivendi-Universal Games and VP of Emerging Technologies for Universal Studios. Early in his career, he served as an engineer on a variety of telemedicine, digital video, radiological imaging, and biomedicine applications for UCLA and 3M Company.

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