Fostering Sustainable Stewardship with Bergthora Hlidkvist Skuladottir

With over a decade focused on propelling global sustainability initiatives, Bergthora Hlidkvist Skuladottir knows navigating the road toward environmental stewardship requires unwavering commitment from every stakeholder.

As Global Sustainability Director at Össur, Bergthora leads the charge on continuously seeking innovative mobility solutions that balance ecological health, social equity, and economic prosperity.

During our conversation, Bergthora unpacks Össur’s steadfast environmental efforts spanning greenhouse gas emissions, raw material efficiencies, renewable energies, diversity programs, science-based targets, and ushering in the circular economy across the healthcare industry.

Join us for this passionate conversation on spearheading sustainable transformation and empowering an integrated ownership model that permeates every facet of business. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Set and achieved goal of sourcing 100% green electricity for operations
  • Established science-based emission targets aligned with 1.5°C global warming trajectory
  • Implemented ambitious electric vehicle adoption plan, targeting 75% by 2030
  • Launched “Responsible for Tomorrow” umbrella sustainability program with cross-department ownership
  • Providing customers sustainability-focused product enhancements like eco-friendly packaging

About our Guest:

With a robust background in environmental science, Bergthora has devoted her career to advancing sustainable practices and fostering global environmental stewardship. Her passion for bridging the gap between scientific research and actionable sustainability solutions continues to drive impactful change for Össur by championing initiatives that balance ecological health, social responsibility, and economic viability.

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