Fueling Modern Benefits Innovation with Trusted Data with Shannon Goggin

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Episode Overview:

Joining us on today’s episode is Shannon Goggin, CEO and co-founder of Noyo, a passionate innovator and entrepreneur on a mission to build the digital infrastructure necessary to power modern benefits experiences.

With over a decade focused on developing technology to tackle meaningful impacts on people’s daily lives, Shannon started Noyo to ensure everyone can easily understand and utilize their healthcare benefits.

While together, we discuss the inspiration behind Noyo’s founding and Shannon’s advice for entrepreneurs seeking large-scale change by both envisioning an ideal future state and deeply understanding current real world constraints.

Shannon also explains Noyo’s role as a bridge helping antiquated systems adapt to enable much needed consumer-centric innovation around benefits experiences.

Through this pursuit, Shannon aims to eliminate common pain points like surprise bills and improve trust through correct, readily available benefits information.

Join us for this exciting look at the data fueling the next generation of benefits. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Envisioning an ideal future state and understanding current constraints
  • Bridging modern innovation and antiquated legacy systems
  • Eliminating common benefits pain points like surprise bills
  • Improving access to correct benefits information
  • Data powering next-generation benefits experiences

About our Guest:

Shannon Goggin is the CEO and co-founder of Noyo, the benefits data platform built to power next-generation benefits experiences for everyone. Shannon has been building software for nearly a decade and is passionate about putting technology to work on issues that have a meaningful impact on people’s daily lives. Shannon started Noyo to make sure everyone can easily understand and use their healthcare and benefits every day. She lives in San Francisco, where Noyo is headquartered.

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