Harnessing the Power of Digital Empathy with Eric Gombrich

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For healthcare professionals to deliver the best care possible, it is more important than ever for care teams to capture meaningful, complete, and accurate data.

Our next guest has been valiantly leading the charge to ensure digital empathy is at the forefront of critical communication gaps in the healthcare industry.

Eric Gombrich, CEO of Tickit Health, joins us to discuss his storied journey in moving healthcare technology innovation forward, how and why his organization came to be, and the inspiring results his company’s technology delivers.

Additionally, Eric shares the significant need for his technology to aid in the well-being of adolescent students because of the pandemic and how you and your network can get involved in the Tickit Health mission.

Join us as we discuss the power of digital empathy and its positive and needed impact in our communities. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Eric discovered Tickit Health, right when they were founded
  • Why Eric has remained so energized about health technology over the years
  • How Tickit Health began with its founder, Dr. Sandy Whitehouse
  • What digital empathy is
  • Where Eric sees Tickit Health making an impact in the future, including education systems

About our Guest:

Eric Gombrich is a global technology executive with three decades of experience commercializing solutions in the healthcare industry with startup and established organizations. Prior to joining Tickit Health as CEO, Eric served as Chief of Commercialization of the Innovation Group of Providence Healthcare in Seattle, CEO of the North American division of the UK-based Emis Inc., Vice President of International Business for one of the first healthcare portal companies, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing for an in-vitro diagnostics company applying proteomic and genomic techniques to cancer screening. He has a track record of success building and leading early and growth-stage organizations as they “cross the chasm.”

He has served in management roles with companies moving through significant growth stages, including undertaking initial and secondary public offerings, and overseeing regulatory processes for medical devices (including software) with the FDA, Health Canada, and within the European Union. He has served on numerous Boards of Directors for both private commercial entities, and not-for-profit organizations.

Born in the United States, Eric moved to Canada 20 years ago and now resides with his wife in British Columbia. He is married with two children, enjoys great food & wine, golf, skiing, and sailing, along with traveling to unique destinations.

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