Healing Healthcare from the Inside Out

In episode 36, I visited with an incredible force of positive change for the healthcare industry, and at times I was left speechless and in awe by this leader dedicated to driving cultural disruption and transformation.

Sonia Rhodes is the Founder of The Experience Lab, an incubator of ideas and accelerator for action. Her team of Experience Catalysts use innovative Experience Design principles, lenses, and techniques to strategize, guide, equip, and inspire visionary healthcare executives to imagine anew. Together, with their lab partners, they are intentionally designing a new future for healthcare.

During our time together, which was before the Coronavirus outbreak, Sonia shared her remarkable journey of building, selling and then buying back her company, how she and her team are addressing challenges in the healthcare industry, and how all of us can be participating in designing a new and healthier future, a future with patients included.

I can’t wait for you to meet and hear from Sonia.It is because of pioneers like her, I remain confident we can in fact positively impact and reimagine the healthcare industry and the lives it serves.

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