Helping AI Work with Humans with Erick McKesson

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As a seasoned healthcare executive with a proven track record of building impactful businesses, our next guest leveraged his unique experience with EMR’s, consulting, and AI products to launch his latest venture.

Erick McKesson, CEO of Rotera and an Olive Ventures company, joins us to discuss how his startup came to be and the importance of Olive’s leadership embracing his team to build a services company to help bring AI to the entire healthcare industry.

Additionally, Erick and I discuss cybernetics, why this technology will transform the industry by enhancing human productivity and effectiveness, and how you can get involved.

Join us for this impactful conversation as we continue to work together to move the healthcare industry forward. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Erick’s love of technology began as a child
  • The impact of aging and health had on him and his family
  • Erick’s first experience with health technology that has shaped his leadership today
  • Lessons learned of being a serial entrepreneur
  • What is Rotera?
  • How Cybernetics will help transform healthcare
  • The opportunities to get involved with Rotera

About our Guest:

Erick has been in the healthcare technology industry for the past 15 years. He began his career at Epic Systems where he had a knack for pushing the boundaries: leading the new Model System, the first Single Billing Office implementation, and first hospital community connect project. In 2010 he joined McKinnis Consulting Services as a Partner and Consulting Director. As a startup, he wore many hats at McKinnis, but had an emphasis on productizing solutions that leverage the EMR to automate routine tasks.

After a successful exit to Navigant Consulting in 2016 he continued to push the boundaries of system optimization and also began the early stages of their healthcare intelligent automation team. In 2018 Erick founded Venddy to help solve healthcare vendor selection and management challenges. Inspired by the mission, he decided to join Olive in the summer of 2019 where he has served as VP of Product. His unique experiences with EMRs, consulting, and AI products led him to start Rotera, the only AI consulting and custom development company built on the Olive platform. Erick is based in Denver Colorado and is a proud member of the Catalyst healthcare community.

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