Helping Bring Therapeutics to Market Faster with Emmanuel Walckenaer

Episode Overview:

In today’s life sciences environment, developing and approving new drugs can take upwards of twelve to 15 years. One significant reason for these arduous processes and timelines is the lack of automation and artificial intelligence integration. Our next guest and his company are poised to change the game!

Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop, joins us to discuss his journey of becoming the CEO and how his company specializes in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help pharmaceutical companies adopt modern technology solutions and bring their life-saving therapeutics to market faster.

Join us to learn how Emmanuel and Yseop team free time and money in the life sciences space with their company’s intelligent automation. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Emmanuel’s journey on becoming the CEO of Yseop
  • How Yseop was pulled into the pharmaceutical industry with one phone call
  • What is CSR, its importance to healthcare, and how Yseop is automating it
  • Emmanuales’s vision of AI and automation in the years to come

About our Guest:

Emmanuel joined Yseop as CEO in 2017, leading the company’s growth and vision to bring the benefits of automation and NLG to enterprise companies globally. He brings over 25 years of international experience in high-tech service and business development.

Emmanuel joined Yseop in 2017 from Sierra Wireless, where he was General Manager and Senior Vice President of the Cloud & Connectivity Services business unit. He led the growth of this unit across Europe and North America through strategic acquisitions and the development of a bespoke cloud and connectivity offering for the expanding Internet of Things (IOT) market.

Before joining Sierra Wireless, Emmanuel was Senior Vice President at Gemalto where he was responsible for the development of global Telecom business services. He had previously held various positions with Esso across IT and business development.

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