Helping Entrepreneurs Create a Healthier World with Dr. Behrooz Behbod

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After recognizing the public health perspective was missing from the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, our next guest is passionately leveraging his medical expertise to help entrepreneurs make a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Dr. Behrooz Behbod, CEO of The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, joins us to discuss how he’s mentoring entrepreneurs from non-healthcare backgrounds to navigate the clinical sector and dive deeper into tackling the underlying causes affecting our health across all sectors of society. Additionally, Dr. Behbod shares highlights from his book, “Startup Therapy,” which gives his clients a roadmap to transform their passion into a startup to improve societal health and wellbeing.

Join us for this enlightening conversation to discover how Dr. Behbod and his team are helping startup businesses reshape the framework of public healthcare for a healthier and happier world. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • The events that finally urged Dr. Behbod to take action and launch The Entrepreneur’s Doctor.
  • “Startup Therapy’s” top byline of teaching entrepreneurs how to overcome the challenges involved with creating their health startup.
  • What the term “start up” means to him and his team, and the importance of entrepreneurship to the innovation economy.
  • The three pillars that will make their public health approach more tangible.

About our Guest:

Dr Behrooz Behbod, aka The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, helps Entrepreneurs create a healthier, happier world. Behrooz is a Harvard, Oxford, and US CDC trained public health / preventive medicine physician, Chief Medical Officer to startups & scaleups, and author of Startup Therapy. Learn more:

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