Humanizing Healthcare with Kistein Monkhouse

Despite having quality and cutting-edge healthcare in the United States, the truth is, systemic barriers exist and are preventing many of our fellow citizens from receiving quality care and achieving optimal health.

In order to address this issue and more, a digital application that is aimed to empower the voice of underserved patients has been created!

To help empower the voices of the underserved patient, our next guest, Kistein Monkhouse, the creator of the #HumanizingHealthCare documentary, founded Patient Orator to better serve the underserved and to make it easier for them to communicate their medical concerns and connect them to the healthcare resources they need.

Kistein joins us and discusses the disparate health experiences of people of color and of other socio-economic backgrounds, how her technology is working to address these problems and what we can do to help improve the patient care experience, destroy systemic barriers within the healthcare industry, and ultimately humanize healthcare for our communities across the nation!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Kistein is empowering underserved patients in healthcare
  • Raw and real stories of underserved patient suffering
  • Racial anxiety stereotypes
  • How Patient Orator is serving patients to have their voices heard
  • Creating better access and quality care for underserved patients

About Our Guest:

Kistein Monkhouse, MPA is the CEO & founder of ​Patient Orator​, a digital health startup, that is using a mobile app to help underserved patients document their medical symptoms to empower their voices in their healthcare experience. She is a public policy expert and former healthcare frontline staff who saw an urgent need to build bridges across communities in healthcare.

She is an award-winning documentarian of the documentary Humanizing Health Care, a narrative-driven emotionally paced film about healthcare experiences in the United States. Kistein is an advisory board member of We The Patients NY, an initiative by the Community Service Society of NY. She is a patient advocate on a mission to dismantle systemic inequities that cause health disparities across the healthcare ecosystem.

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