Inspiring Global Collaboration to Improve Healthcare

In episode 19, we welcomed a globally recognized healthcare innovation ecosystem builder, friend, and industry champion to our podcast studio in Denver, Colorado.

Hayley Hovious is the President of the Nashville Healthcare Council, a premier association of health care industry leaders working together to inspire global collaboration to improve healthcare by serving as a catalyst for leadership and innovation.

During this episode, we learned from Hayley the origins of how Nashville and Tennessee grew into a healthcare economic leader and how she and others in the community are preparing to embrace and shepherd the innovation revolution that is inevitably coming to the healthcare industry.

Additionally, Hayley shared how her previous professional experience has prepared her to lead one of the most important business communities for our country’s largest industry, and why she is more excited than ever for the limitless opportunities that the Nashville and Tennessee ecosystem offers to many of us across the nation.

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Before we dive into the episode, I want to thank Hayley for spending time with me during her visit to Denver, another city, and community deeply dedicated to improving the healthcare industry and the health of our nation. Because of Hayley’s relentless pursuit and passion for bridging relationships between industry incumbents and the healthcare innovation community, the health of many lives the industry serves will continue to flourish.

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