Investing in a Global Army of Health Transformers with Unity Stoakes

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By combining the power of moonshot thinking, a transformer mindset, and collaborative communities, our next guest believes anything is possible to move the healthcare industry forward.

For over ten years, Unity Stoakes, President and Cofounder of StartUp Health, has been building a global movement to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world by investing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs committed to solving Health Moonshots — the biggest health challenges of our time.

While together, Unity shares how his team is moving the healthcare innovation movement forward, where StartUp Health is heading into the future, and how you can get involved in their moonshot thinking AND doing.

I’m honored to have this global healthcare innovation leader on our podcast and to share his sincere and authentic message with our community. Join us for this episode filled with boundless energy and possibility. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • When Unity was first exposed to the broken healthcare industry and why he wanted to fix it
  • How StartUp Health was hatched because of his personal experience
  • What a health moonshot is
  • Why health systems, insurers, and government are key to transforming healthcare
  • Unity’s call-to-action for our listeners

About our Guest:

Unity Stoakes is on a life-long mission to transform global health. By combining the power of moonshot thinking, a transformer mindset, and collaborative communities, he believes anything is possible.

In 2011, Unity co-founded StartUp Health to organize, support and invest in a global army of Health Transformers to embark on one extraordinary crusade — to achieve 12 Health Moonshots, each of which can improve the lives of at least a billion people.

Today, StartUp Health has the world’s largest portfolio of health innovation companies (more than 360 from 6 continents) and has assembled a worldwide network of 200,000 innovators, leaders, and investors committed to reinventing the future of health. Over the coming years, StartUp Health will invest in thousands of Health Transformers to achieve Health Moonshots.

Unity has been a tech entrepreneur since the mid-nineties, previously co-founding OrganizedWisdom and helping build The Privacy Council, Middleberg Interactive, and, which he helped take public on NASDAQ with his business partner of 20+ years, Steven Krein.

Unity has written for Forbes and TechCrunch, has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN, NPR and USA Today, and speaks around the world about the future of health. He is the publisher of StartUp Health Magazine and co-host of StartUp Health NOW, a weekly web series.

A few of Unity’s interests include designing behavior change for good, traveling off the beaten path, learning about new cultures & people, great food, photography, writing, graffiti art, design, inspiring architecture, day-dreaming, backgammon, bocce ball, meditating, and walking. Most of all, I love spending time with my friends, wife Katya, and rapidly growing kiddos Oz and Coco!

Unity grew up on a farm in Oxford, Iowa, went to Boston University, spent 22 years in NYC + currently lives in Berkeley CA. Learn more at or connect @unitystoakes

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