Lifting Revenue Cycle Performance with Jim Gaffney

Over the past several years, the healthcare industry and the inspiring leaders working within it have experienced increased clinical, operational, administrative, and economic strain. And, of course, this collective strain has only been further exacerbated by the global pandemic.

However, because of leaders like our next guest, I remain hopeful and optimistic that we can positively impact and reimagine the health of the healthcare industry.

During this episode, we spent time with Jim Gaffney, the Chief Strategy Officer for Ensemble Health Partners, a leading innovator in revenue cycle management. Jim and his team empower healthcare providers to improve financial outcomes and patient experiences with an unrivaled depth of expertise and best-in-class technologies.

While together, Jim and I discuss his storied career, why he joined Ensemble, and how his company is helping their customers flourish during these times.

Additionally, we discussed the importance of company culture while being socially distant during the pandemic and the mission Ensemble is on with their Voices of Purpose campaign.

Join us for this important, informative, and inspiring episode as we continue to work together to move our healthcare industry forward!

Episode Highlights:

  • Jim’s storied background and impact on the industry
  • Who is Ensemble
  • The reasons for Ensemble’s rapid growth
  • The big issues Ensemble is tackling
  • Ensemble’s Voices of Purpose campaign

About our Guest:

As Chief Strategy Officer for Ensemble Health Partners, Jim serves as a critical member of the executive management team, where he is responsible for articulating and implementing a strategic vision for Ensemble. In this role, he focuses on continual core business improvement, emerging business strategies, and guiding a long-term vision for what is possible in the Revenue Cycle.

Jim was previously a management consultant with extensive strategic and operational experience in improving the financial effectiveness of healthcare providers and revenue cycle services and technology firms. He comes to Ensemble from PwC, where he served as key leader in the Healthcare Provider Operations Practice. Jim worked closely with Boards of Directors and C-Level executives to determine how the revenue cycle can help health systems achieve their mission and vision.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois, and currently resides in Chicago with his wife Caitlyn and dog Theo. On a personal level, Jim enjoys golf and all mountain activities. When at home, Jim can be found cooking or enjoying Chicago’s rich culinary scene.

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