Moving Cancer Towards a Cure

During episode 40, and before the Coronavirus outbreak, I had a touching conversation with aprecision medicine expert and executive who is dedicating her life’s work to bring relief to our community members living with cancer and to empower their healthcare providers.

Rebecca Owens is the President of Taproot Health, a fast-growth company that has developed the necessary infrastructure to collect and share high-quality, patient-consented data to provide precision care to cancer patients.

While spending time together, Rebecca shared when she told her mother that she would dedicate her career to cancer and the many reasons she is deeply committed to moving the disease towards a cure. We also discussed why she and her Co-founder at Taproot Health were able to form their business partnership quickly, which led to the launch of their company.

Additionally, Rebecca outlined where she sees the field of precision cancer medicine is heading and why Taproot Health is well-positioned to help lead this transformative area of healthcare.

I’m excited for you to get to know Rebecca and to find ways to be a part of the movement she is creating with her life’s work. Because of leaders like Rebecca, I remain confidently optimistic that we will eliminate cancer for our communities across the world.

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