Powering the Business of Health with Kevin Riley

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Episode Overview:

Due to healthcare’s systemic and intractable challenges and needs, digital transformation is now widely recognized as the conduit to meet those challenges we face and the patients we serve. Fortunately, some inspiring leaders and organizations are answering the call! Our next guest is helping lead the pack!

Kevin Riley, Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President for Healthcare and Lifesciences at Salesforce, joins us to discuss his company’s efforts of powering the business of health by helping the healthcare and life sciences industries reshape how they operate and collaborate for better outcomes.

Additionally, Kevin shares his journey of becoming a senior leader at Salesforce, including creating the widely respected modelh strategic framework to build better healthcare businesses.

Lastly, Kevin discusses the key findings from his company’s recently published Connected Health Consumer Report.

Join us for this timely, informative, and inspiring conversation to learn how Kevin and the Salesforce team are supporting a global movement of healthcare trailblazers to inspire and drive change. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Kevin’s improbable journey into healthcare and innovation
  • Getting out of the building and talking to customers
  • Being committed to equity and sustainability in the healthcare industry
  • Highlights from Salesforce’s Connected Health Consumer Report
  • What Kevin and the team are driving with Salesforce Health Cloud
  • How Kevin and the team are delivering personalized digital experiences
  • How the modelh strategic framework came to be and how to access it

About Our Guest:

Kevin Riley is an entrepreneur, executive, and business model innovator who created the modelH strategic framework to build better healthcare businesses. Over the course of his career, he has applied his skills and deep industry experience to startups and legacy companies across the healthcare industry. Currently, Kevin leads products for healthcare and life sciences at Salesforce. Before Salesforce, he was the founder and CEO of a national healthcare retail company, and held leadership roles for several national retail health startups. He served as the first Chief Innovation Officer for a major insurance plan. Kevin has also founded and sold multiple innovative health-focused companies. Kevin holds a Master of Business in entrepreneurship and marketing from Rice University.

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