Powering Virtual Health Assistants with Nate Treloar

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While the healthcare industry is typically slow to adopt new and innovative technologies, the fast-growing acceptance and use of conversational artificial intelligence is apparent and exciting.

During this episode, Nate Treloar, President and COO of Orbita and a conversational AI expert, joins us on the podcast to share where the technology is and how it’s currently impacting healthcare today and where Nate sees the technology taking the industry in the future.

Join us for an ear-opening conversation powered by two real humans as we discuss the impact conversational artificial intelligence is having on our industry and in our lives. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Nate shares the founding story of how Orbita came to be.
  • How Nate and the Orbita team pivoted their startup to fulfill industry needs.
  • Why Nate is so excited about conversational artificial intelligence.
  • Why Orbita is laser-focused on the healthcare market.
  • The impact of COVID-19 and the positive use of conversational ai.

About our Guest:

Nathan Treloar is President and Co-founder of Orbita. He’s a respected expert and frequent speaker on consumer and business trends in voice and conversational user experiences in healthcare, as well as search, text and data mining, content management, and knowledge management, and has advised hundreds of the world’s largest companies and government agencies on their applications. Previously, Nathan held key executive positions at FAST Search, Microsoft, RAMP, and Ektron.

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