In episode 28, I had the opportunity to spend time with a seasoned digital health executive, a self-described behavioral nerd, and a national leader I deeply admire.

Dr. Ed Buckley is the CEO of Peerfit, a company and platform that connects employers, brokers, and insurance carriers to local fitness experiences.

While spending time together, Dr. Buckley and I discussed Peerfit’s ten-year journey and the opportunities he and his team have discovered, which is fueling explosive national growth for the company.

But, most importantly, our conversation quickly turned very authentic and emotionally raw as we discussed how difficult it is to build a company from scratch, and the ups and downs an entrepreneur experiences both personally and professionally. Dr. Buckley then offered inspiring advice for taking care of oneself during the journey.

I am excited for you to experience Dr. Buckley’s immense passion for his mission in life, where him and his team at Peerfit are heading, and the advice he seeks from all of us toward the end of the podcast. Because of committed leaders like Dr. Buckley, and community members like you supporting him, we will continue to move the health of our country forward, by doing it together!

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