Protecting Every Child’s Digital Journey with Teodora Pavkovic

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Episode Overview:

In a digital-heavy world coupled with the youth mental health crisis, our next guest has made it her life’s work to protect every child’s digital journey.

Teodora Pavkovic, a prominent figure in the global digital wellness community, and the Director of Community Engagement at Linewize, joins us to discuss her inspiring work and mission and how she and her team are working tirelessly to build the industry-leading safety management system for the academic setting.

Additionally, Teodora shares how parents can be more positively involved in their kids’ technology and digital lives.

Join us as we discuss this timely and important topic with a passionate and dedicated expert helping lead the charge for positive change in cyber safety. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Teodora became passionate about digital wellness
  • Why it is important to implement digital wellness in the academic setting
  • Why Teodora became involved with Linewize
  • Teodora’s vision for a safer and healthier digital lifestyle for all

About our Guest:

Teodora Pavkovic is the Director of Community Engagement at Linewize, where she leverages her decade-plus of experience as a youth psychologist, parenting coach and digital wellness practitioner to provide guidance and advice to parents, teachers and school administrators on topics concerning mental health, responsible and safe use of technology, tech ethics, parenting in the digital age and child development. A prominent figure in the global digital wellness community, Pavkovic is a member of both the American and British psychological associations, co-chair of Fairplay’s (formerly Campaign For a Commercial-Free Childhood) parenting professionals’ group and an advisory board member of several educational and mental health organizations. She has dedicated herself to helping people preserve and protect their wellbeing and relationships in this increasingly digital world, teaching them to use technology mindfully, intentionally and humanely.

Pavkovic has her master’s in clinical psychology and has trained in both psychotherapy and coaching. She has lived in nine different countries and is a sought-after public speaker, thought leader and media expert who has spoken at conferences like TEDx in Singapore, Human After All in New York City, and HUMANITECH, the first virtual digital wellness conference that she both organized and moderated.

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