Rebuilding the Pharmacy Industry with Eric Kinariwala

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After being continually frustrated with his experience with the pharmaceutical industry, our next guest is building a game-changing company that delivers prescriptions straight to a patient’s location with a simple tap of a button.

Eric Kinariwala, CEO of Capsule, joins us to discuss why and how he and his team provide consumers with the simplest and easiest way to manage their medications.

Additionally, Eric outlines why the pharmacy serves as the highest interaction point in healthcare and how Capsule has become a trusted brand that consumers and providers can rely upon during their healthcare journey.

Join us to learn how Eric and his team are rebuilding the pharmacy industry that enables customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Eric’s personal experience that led him to founding Capsule
  • The importance of mothers as a guiding principle for Capsule’s journey
  • Why consumer preferences and incentives are so important to Capsule’s business model
  • Eric’s view of the pharmacy’s role in the greater healthcare ecosystem

About Our Guest:

Eric Kinariwala is the founder and CEO of Capsule, a technology business rebuilding the pharmacy industry from the inside out with an emotionally resonant consumer experience and technology that enables customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers. Capsule has raised over $500 million from some of the best healthcare and technology investors in the world, including Durable Capital, Baillie Gifford, T Rowe Price, TCV, and Thrive Capital.

Prior to founding Capsule, Eric invested in global healthcare, technology, and retail companies as part of the investment teams at Bain Capital and Perry Capital. He received his undergraduate degree as a University Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and earned his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he held the position of Chief Investment Officer of GSB Endowment Student Investment Trust.

Eric is an EY Entrepreneur of the Year winner and has by interviewed in publications including Fast Company, Fortune, Bloomberg, and the Wall Street Journal; appeared on television including CNBC, Fox Business, CNN, PBS, and ABC; and presented at conferences including ShopTalk, HLTH, NRF Big Show, and TechCrunch Disrupt.

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