Redefining On-Demand Access to Healthcare with Anthony Capone

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After discovering how underserved most communities are in primary preventive care, our next guest’s mission is to revolutionize on-demand access to healthcare and unlock the full potential of telehealth so patients can receive the affordable and high-quality care they deserve.

Anthony Capone, President of DocGo, joins us to discuss how he and his team are transforming healthcare through peerless innovation and on-the-ground care.

While together, Anthony shares why DocGo is deploying a workforce of full-time traveling clinicians and proprietary AI-powered software that is dramatically improving healthcare accessibility and cost for millions of patients across the United States.

Join us for this important and timely conversation to discover how Anthony and the determined and passionate team at DocGo are redefining on-demand access to healthcare. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Anthony chose to focus on mobile care and how DocGo is addressing the various needs in that space.
  • DocGo’s patient feedback and Anthony’s personal thoughts on the journey so far.
  • Anthony’s insights on how we can reduce our healthcare spend through additional value-based care arrangements.

About Our Guest:

Anthony has served as DocGo’s president, CTO, and CPO since 2017, having built one of the nation’s largest ambulance companies and managed technology at five companies from start-up to acquisition. He also founded the largest free developer conference in the US, Engineers4Engineers, and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in assets under management.

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