Reinventing Healthcare One System at a Time with Mike Waterbury

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After studying the healthcare industry from the inside out for over 25 years, our next guest was inspired to create a company that would bring other leaders together who have a passion for succeeding, learning, and delivering improved access and value of the healthcare dollar.

Mike Waterbury, CEO of Goodroot, joins us to discuss how he and his team are developing a community of businesses to improve the current state of the healthcare industry and reform and replace inefficiencies that hold the industry back. In addition, Mike shares his vision in creating a solution for better health plans to reduce the burden of medical debt for patients across the nation.

Join us for this inspiring conversation as Mike shares how he’s bringing passionate leaders together to reinvent healthcare one system at a time. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike’s eye-opening revelations about the healthcare system
  • Goodroot’s family of companies that’s focused on reinventing healthcare, one system at a time
  • Why Mike believes medical debt is healthcare oppression and how we can end the cycle
  • Goodroot’s focus on creating solutions that they can offer to all customer types

About Our Guest:

For over 25 years Mike has studied the healthcare system from the inside out.

He advanced from a financial role to an executive leadership role at Oxford Health Plans, and then Magellan Health Services. While at Magellan, Mike pioneered the integration of ICORE Healthcare, a company focused on solving specialty pharmacy challenges, and the development of a new medical pharmacy program.

Mike was inspired to create a company that could be built from his years of industry expertise, the result—RemedyOne. He wanted to bring together talented minds—people who, like him, had a passion to succeed and to learn, and who pay attention to the details necessary to make real and lasting change, regardless of how complex the situation.

Most recently, to further the RemedyOne mission, Mike has launched Goodroot, building a team and community of companies committed to dedicating their time and careers to reinventing healthcare one system at a time. That team has created a passionate culture Mike is proud of, and has produced outcomes that have changed thousands of lives for the better by saving over $800M in healthcare costs.

Today, he continues to free and amplify talent to join the Goodroot cause working towards a goal of saving the healthcare system $30 Billion in the next five years.

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