Scaling Virtual Group Therapy with Denise Shiffman

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After personally experiencing chronic anxiety and seeing many others suffer the same, our next guest is bringing relationship-centered behavioral healthcare into the spotlight and creating access to it at scale.

Denise Shiffman, CEO of GroupWell, joins us to discuss how she utilizes her background in data science and analytics to offer effective personalized care in a virtual group setting that enables individuals to connect and heal with others in meaningful and sustained ways.

In a global pandemic that makes us feel more isolated than ever, join us for this encouraging conversation and learn how Denise and her team are changing the future through the healing power of shared experiences and mutual support. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Denise’s experience with chronic anxiety and her introduction to group therapy
  • GroupWell’s systematic and data-driven approach to virtual group therapy and how it differs from individual therapy
  • The logistical and financial accessibility of virtual group therapy
  • The impact of social health on societal and individual physical and mental well being
  • GroupWell’s goals for an industry-wide systematic measurement approach that is built upon applying real time data to therapy

About our Guest:

Studying sociology and organizational behavior as an undergrad and graduate student, Denise has always been curious about what makes people and groups tick. She built a career that has spanned leading product management for a $4B product portfolio to pursuing product market fit in an early-stage startup by deeply understanding customers and underserved market needs.

Recently, when Denise experienced chronic anxiety, her therapist recommended she go to group therapy. That set her on a journey of discovery into the extraordinary value of group therapy and the difficulty in finding and joining a group with the right fit, leading her to found GroupWell, a data-driven group therapy telehealth designed to solve these challenges.

As a top operator leading product management, marketing, R&D, and operations teams at companies including GlaxoSmithKline, DriveScale (acquired by Twitter), Juniper Networks, and Sun Microsystems, Denise has seen firsthand the mental health impact that chronic stress and anxiety has had on members of her teams. This deepened her passion to bring advancements in tech to mental health.

A runner and hiker, Denise has learned balance through exercise, deep breathing, eating lean, and carving out ample quality time with friends and family. Denise enjoys mentoring and supporting women and early-stage founders. And she is deeply grateful for the support she receives from others.

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