Simplifying Specialty Patient Access with Yishai Knobel

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Episode Overview:

For many entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate and committed to reimagining the healthcare industry, their drive comes from personal, life-altering experiences.

Today, Yishai Knobel, the founder and CEO of HelpAround, an entrepreneur and company on a mission to simplify specialty patient access, joins us on the podcast.

While together, Yishai shares his powerful family story, how his family’s journey has fueled his company’s success, and where he sees the industry heading into the future.

Additionally, Yishai and I discuss what it is like to build a company from scratch, the ups and downs while doing so, and the valuable lessons we’ve both learned along the way.

Join us for this touching, personal, and inspiring conversation with one of healthcare’s key innovators. With leaders like Yishai helping to move the healthcare industry forward, there is no doubt brighter days are ahead for the patients it serves.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Yishai was inspired to create value for families affected by diabetes
  • Yishai talks about how it’s like be an entrepreneur
  • Statistics and hurdles on the process of how patients receive new medications
  • Where Yishai sees the future of his industry

About our Guest:

Yishai Knobel is a founder and current CEO of HelpAround, one of the first mobile patient concierge platforms for specialty prescriptions.

Before starting his company, Yishai worked under AgaMatrix, working on mHealth and bringing to life Sanofi’s iBGStar glucose monitor. He holds an MBA from MIT and a BA from Bar Ilan University.

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