Solving Healthcare’s Staffing Problems with Dr. Steven Kupferman

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When professional telecommuting was still in its infancy, our next guest saw the future of healthcare during a trip to the Philippines that exposed him to the incredibly talented medical professionals who positively contribute to medical practices in their country and beyond.

Dr. Steven Kupferman, CEO of MedVA, joins us to discuss how he is leveraging skilled healthcare virtual assistants to help solve medical and dental practice staffing needs at a fraction of the cost.

As the healthcare industry continues to experience the ever-growing human capacity crisis, join us for this timely conversation to learn how Dr. Kupferman and the MedVA team are solving healthcare staffing problems. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Kupferman’s trip to the Philippines served as his realization of the future of the private practice of healthcare.
  • What Dr. Kupferman’s virtual assistant team does for his practice and why he specifically chose the Philippines.
  • How MedVA provides top-of-the-line healthcare through its virtual assistant workforce.
  • Why Dr. Kupferman sees the virtual assistant economy expanding beyond private practice healthcare and into the mainstream.

About Our Guest:

Steven Kupferman DMD, MD, Co-Founder, and CEO of MedVA , holds D.M.D. and M.D. degrees from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, respectively. He brings nearly two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. He is the founding surgeon of LACOMS, Los Angeles’s premier Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery practice, where he first pioneered the use of Virtual Assistants to optimize the management of his six doctor practice while simultaneously improving the quality of patient care.

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