Streamlining Clinician Workflows with Dr. Holly Urban

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we sit down with Dr. Holly Urban, VP of Clinical Product Design at CliniComp, pioneering intuitive EHRs to combat clinician burnout.

Bringing deep medical expertise, Holly is driven to create the right tools so clinicians can deliver better care.

While together, Holly shares how CliniComp is building a new system focused on streamlining workflows for modern healthcare’s digital age and how her company is leveraging the latest innovations around AI and automation to further accelerate documentation and administrative efficiencies.

We also discuss the future of increased EHR competition and innovation in a mature yet dissatisfied market.

Join us as Holly advocates for technology that lets providers practice medicine rather than data entry and to hear her dedication to improving care through thoughtful design. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Holly brings extensive clinical leadership spanning practice and informatics.
  • CliniComp is creating intuitive EHRs purpose-built for streamlined workflows.
  • The goal is to reduce burdensome tasks so providers can focus on patients.
  • Holly sees opportunities for increased competition and innovation in EHRs.
  • She exemplifies commitment to combating clinician burnout through design.

About our Guest:

Dr. Holly Urban, as a pediatrician and clinical informaticist, is passionate about the power of healthcare information technology to enhance patient care at scale. Holly completed her undergraduate degree at Stanford, received her MD from the University of Colorado, and her MBA from Regis University.

After completing her pediatrics residency at Children’s Hospital Denver, Dr. Urban went on to practice as a pediatrician, providing primary care and attending to her low-acuity hospitalized patients.

Subsequently, Holly transitioned to product management roles at top-tier healthcare IT vendors, where she served as a product leader for McKesson Horizon Clinicals EHR and Hearst Health’s evidence-based content companies, Zynx Health and MCG Health.

As a recognized leader in the field, Dr. Urban served as CMIO at Oracle Cerner before recently assuming her current position as VP of Clinical Product Design at CliniComp. Her extensive expertise in clinical product design and healthcare informatics, coupled with her passion for improving patient care through cutting-edge technologies, has made her an invaluable asset to the field of healthcare IT.

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