Transforming Laboratory Medicine with Joshua Soldo

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we spend time with Josh Soldo, the Chief Scientific Officer at Veravas, and a healthcare innovator dedicated to developing diagnostic tests that enhance patient survival rates and reduce preventable medical tragedies.

While together, Josh shares his personal and professional journey to entrepreneurship and why he is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare and improve patient care. We explore his deep industry expertise, the importance of networking, Veravas’ exciting ventures, his company’s strategic business model pivot, and Josh’s vision for the industry’s future.

Join us to learn from Josh how he and the Veravas team are saving lives by transforming laboratory medicine! Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Josh’s deep industry experience that prepared him to help lead Veravas
  • Why networking is important to help discover new career opportunities
  • What Josh and the Veravas team are most excited about
  • How Veravas pivoted their business model to meet market needs
  • Where Josh sees the industry heading over the coming years

About our Guest:

Josh Soldo is a healthcare innovator who has dedicated his career to developing diagnostic tests with the mission of giving patients a greater chance of survival and reducing the number of preventable medical tragedies. He has over 25 years of experience in diagnostic technology, product development, and commercialization in the life sciences industry, and he is a subject matter expert in solid phase chemistry, sample interference, and Vitamin D testing.

He is a sought-after speaker and educator, and his research and patent portfolio include six granted US patents and over 50 international patents. His expertise in assay development and solid phase chemistry has been instrumental in his invention of Veravas’ proprietary magnetic bead technology for sample interference elimination and biomarker enrichment.

Josh has held numerous R&D and Scientific Affairs leadership roles over the past 20 years at Roche, Anteo Technologies, DiaSorin, and Beckman Coulter. He received the 2017 Roche Career Achievement Award for demonstrating continued commitment and achievement of excellence within Medical & Scientific Affairs, and the 2006 Beckman Coulter “Innovation in Technology” corporate award for his research to improve the quality and manufacturing scale of the Access immunoassays. At DiaSorin his teams developed and commercialized the market-leading LIAISON 25 OH Vitamin D Total Assay, and he was the principal inventor of the world’s first fully automated, extraction-free immunoassay for the accurate detection of 1,25 Dihydroxyvitamin D. Josh’s vision for Veravas is to continue leveraging its innovative VeraBIND technology platform to develop better diagnostics tools and treatments, ultimately improving patient care.

Josh’s leadership is playing a significant role in the company’s success and has enabled Veravas to provide tools supporting the development of assays with unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity.

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