Transforming Post-Acute Care Collaboration for Patients and Providers with Melissa Kozak

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Episode Overview:

During this episode, we’re joined by Melissa Kozak, co-founder of Citus Health, a digital health transformation leader that enables real-time, secure collaboration between patients, care teams, care partners, physicians, and family members to optimize the patient experience and positively impact the financial outcome of the care provider.

While together, Melissa shares her personal experiences as a post-acute nurse and the communication and care coordination challenges she faced while connecting frontline clinical teams with patients and partners in home-based care.

Melissa also provides valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a company in the home-based care space. Join us to learn about Citus Health’s mission, the impact of the pandemic on the shift of care to the home setting, and the need for collaborative efforts to solve the clinical shortage problem. Let’s go!

Episode Highlights:

  • Melissa’s experience as a post-acute nurse
  • Communication and care coordination challenges faced by frontline clinical teams with patients
  • Melissa’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in the post-acute space
  • Why Melissa is so passionate about Citus Health’s mission
  • The pandemic’s impact on the shift of care in the home setting
  • Melissa’s concern about the clinical shortage in nursing
  • The need for collaborative efforts within the community to solve the clinical shortage problem

About our Guest:

As a post-acute nurse, Melissa saw first-hand the communication and care coordination challenges connecting front line clinical teams with patients, field staff and partners in home-based care. She also recognized that providers were relying on manual processes to communicate and deliver care, causing inefficiencies and decreasing quality of care. Melissa teamed up with a leading healthcare technologist and founded CitusHealth in 2016 to tackle these challenges head on by providing real-time, secure solutions that ensure a high level of care team coordination and family engagement.

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