Unleashing the Health Data Revolution

In episode 20, we spent time with a globally recognized information security leader and the Founder of the company that I recently joined as a full-time executive operator.

Frank Ricotta is the CEO of BurstIQ, a fast-growing, health-focused global network that connects businesses and people. More specifically, BurstIQ is Igniting a global movement through transformative connections with its HIPAA and GDPR compliant platform by creating health profiles for people, places and things, and empowering the interactions between them, at scale.

During this episode, we learned from Frank how his background and journey within the technology industry helped him identify an opportunity to create a global ecosystem around properly securing and unleashing health data.

Additionally, Frank and I shared where and how we became fast friends, why I formally joined the BurstIQ team, and what is in store for the company. Given that BurstIQ is now universally recognized as one of the top blockchain companies in the world, and the premier organization in the health space, we had much to discuss.

I want to personally and deeply thank Frank for what he means to me, my family, our community in Colorado, and his immense and bold vision he has to improve humanity across the globe. Because of Frank’s deep commitment to his vision, millions of people around the world will continue to be touched by his work for years to come.

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