Using Telehealth to Offer Affordable Oral Care Treatment

In episode 21, we brought on a nationally recognized and seasoned business executive who is now dedicating his professional pursuits and passions to helping others.

Keith Harband is the Co-Founder and Practice Director for NewEnamel, an online dental telehealth practice, featuring a preventive care system that offers prescription-strength products, and easy-to-follow, personalized instructions all in the comfort of the patient’s home.

During this episode, Keith discussed how he, as a healthcare outsider, broke into the industry after a fateful lunch meeting several years ago, which led him to co-found NewEnamel.

Keith also shared in detail the detrimental impact poor oral health and tooth decay have on holistic health and how NewEnamel is drastically increasing better oral care outcomes with the novel treatment pathways the organization offers. Lastly, Keith shared where he and the team are taking the organization over the next several years and how they are addressing the explosive growth of the startup.

Before we have a bit of’ tooth talk,’ I want to thank Keith and the entire NewEnamel team for their relentless passion and dedication to bringing compelling and cutting-edge oral care to the patients they serve. It is very evident during our conversation that Keith cares deeply about his company’s pioneering pursuits, and I hope you will support him and his team on their journey!

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